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30KW Commercial Solar Installation

Black Ant Gourmet

Project: Construction
Jody, owner of Black Ant, was keen to reduce her business power bills as well as minimise her impact on the environment. She has a successful growing business but wants sustainable growth so her success was not a negative impact on her surroundings.


Black Ant are very pleased at being able to achieve their goals with a $200 a month reduction in power outgoings even after monthly finance costs. With advice from Solaron they have also achieved a better deal from their power retailer, so are in a much better cost situation with solar than without. By generating a large percentage of their power onsite the growth of the business has not impacted the environment and the business is an asset to the local community.


We operate a commercial business in the small rural town called Kin Kin in the Noosa Shire.  We are always striving for a lower Carbon foot print by farming, buying and supplying local food and products.  We employ locals. We provide our own water by having water tanks.  We have our own effluent disposal system.  And now we are contributing towards our own power with the aim of being fully self-sufficient.   We are so pleased with our new Solaron System......not only was the installation well-coordinated, but we were always kept in the loop for the whole process. The follow up has been great.  As a commercial business, we consume quite a bit of power, and I needed to know the savings would add up.  I am so pleased to say that we are saving more than what we were told we should.....very happy. "
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Saving more than what we were told we should.....very happy. 
Black Ant Gourmet
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Elated, could not be happier with the results
Mark Harris
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It’s a no brainer really…. 20% return and free power after 5 years.. why wouldn’t you?
YIB Caloundra
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“Great to see a company that delivers more than they promise and support is top notch."
Boardman Sand & Gravel Pty Ltd
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Solaron achieved a $63000.00 refund to our bank account, so very impressed and a great result.
Pacific Crown Helicopters
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With perseverance, professionalism and personal commitment, the entire Solaron team achieved this goal
Off Grid Doonan
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