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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Saving more than what we were told we should.....very happy. " Jodie Black Ant Gourmet
Black Ant Gourmet

Solar for business works!

Paying your business power bill in full every month or quarter is not a wise way to spend your hard earned money.  You do need power to run your business but you don’t have to buy all of it from your power retailer!  You can generate your own power and use the money you use to give your power retailer to pay for your own onsite generation.  The difference is that in a few years time you will own your system outright and all the savings are yours to keep.  If you keep just paying your ill then all you have to look forward to is your next power bill.  The majority of commercial properties use most of their power from 8am till 5pm while the sun is shining.  It really does make sense for a business to use this free energy to run their air conditioning, machines, appliances, lighting, and tools.  Depending upon your tariff situation most business owners will not only save the tariff rate for every kw they produce themselves but they will also receive a feed in tariff for excess production.

So what’s stopping you?

If you have a business where most of the power use is during the day, and you have a suitable roof space, then solar power is a great choice.  Ideally you either own your premises or have a long lease in place so that after your system is paid for you get the full return in your back pocket.  The solar system is also a physical asset and makes the property more attractive to purchasers or future tenants.  With an expected life of up to 20 years you can imagine the returns you will receive.

Like to know more?

Solaron are technical people who know our products and how they can help you. You can call us, email us or just fill in our contact form and we will contact you. Here is the process you can expect from Solaron
  • We will collect all the data, bills and information possible so we can accurately advise you on what impact solar will have on your business.
  • Work out the best places to locate your panels and inverters to achieve maximum performance with minimum visual impact on your property
  • We will help you work out other changes you can make to your routine, lighting and machinery to further reduce your power costs.
  • Explain how the Solaron product selection, installation and backup will enable you to produce more power with greater reliability.
  • Look at outright purchase, finance or rental options for your system so you can pay off your newr system using the savings from your power bills.
Commercial solar from Solaron is the best investment you can make in your business or commercial property. Call Solaron today on 1300 997 377
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