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Saving more than what we were told we should.....very happy.
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It’s hard to know who you can trust. You are about to invest thousands of dollars in your home or business so you need to be confident that the numbers stack up, for your situation. Our business framework is built around expertise, quality and support which are the key requirements for a successful long term solar investment.

The bottom line is we don’t install systems unless they will provide a positive financial outcome for you. If solar won’t work for you we will tell why. If solar does work for you we will provide clear evidence on why it is the best investment you can make.

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30KW Commercial Solar Installation

Black Ant Gourmet

Project: Construction
Jody, owner of Black Ant, was keen to reduce her business power bills as well as minimise her impact on the environment. She has a successful growing business but wants sustainable growth so her success was not a negative impact on her surroundings.


Black Ant are very pleased at being able to achieve their goals with a $200 a month reduction in power outgoings even after monthly finance costs. With advice from Solaron they have also achieved a better deal from their power retailer, so are in a much better cost situation with solar than without. By generating a large percentage of their power onsite the growth of the business has not impacted the environment and the business is an asset to the local community.


We operate a commercial business in the small rural town called Kin Kin in the Noosa Shire.  We are always striving for a lower Carbon foot print by farming, buying and supplying local food and products.  We employ locals. We provide our own water by having water tanks.  We have our own effluent disposal system.  And now we are contributing towards our own power with the aim of being fully self-sufficient.   We are so pleased with our new Solaron System......not only was the installation well-coordinated, but we were always kept in the loop for the whole process. The follow up has been great.  As a commercial business, we consume quite a bit of power, and I needed to know the savings would add up.  I am so pleased to say that we are saving more than what we were told we should.....very happy. "

Century Yuasa Batteries Standby Power & Solar Division – Endorsement.

Century Yuasa is pleased to be collaborating with Solaron through a number of customised solutions with battery energy storage. Solaron has demonstrated trust and respect with their customers and understands the long-term value of using a quality product. We recommend Solaron for large residential and commercial BESS opportunities.
Kind regards,
Brenden Gough | Queensland Sales Manager
Standby Power Systems, BESS & Solar Solutions
First Choice in Stored Energy Systems
Les Freeman
Sales Manager

QLD STIEBEL ELTRON (Aust) Pty Ltd. Unit 5 / 109 Riverside Place
Morningside QLD 4170
Mobile: 0408 330 199

23 August 2017
To whom it may concern,

With a business relationship of more than 6 years between STIEBEL ELTRON and Solaron, we rate Solaron as one of the best solar installers in the industry. Outstanding customer service and the expertise to back it up, Solaron has solutions for both residential and commercial premises.

To maximize savings with your Solaron solar energy system, you can connect your hot water to the solar PV system. STIEBEL ELTRON’s hot water heat pump is solar PV ready to be connected to a PV system and offers the benefit of a high COP. This means that only a quarter of the energy used for hot water comes from your solar PV system and the technology of the heat pump utilizes the energy from the ambient air to create environmentally friendly and energy efficient hot water all year around.

STIEBEL ELTRON has been developing heat pump technology for more than 40 years, with the latest WWK models designed for diverse Australian conditions, even operating in temperatures down to −5°C. Due to their high performance, STIEBEL hot water heat pumps allow for energy savings of up to 74% compared to conventional electric storage tanks. Being solar PV ready and using only 550 Watts, STIEBEL hot water heat pumps can easily run off the PV system and leave enough power for other household appliances.

It makes sense to use an energy efficient hot water solution rather than an electric storage tank which would consume all the precious energy generated by your Solaron solar energy system. STIEBEL ELTRON endorses Solaron for providing advanced technical solutions to both reduce their customers’ running costs and protect the environment.
Kind regards,
Les Freeman 
Sales Manager QLD
“Solaron has been working with Hanwha Q CELLS Australia since 2015 as a key partner of Q CELLS solar panels. Solaron specialises in systems from premium manufacturers with industry leading warranties, higher production yields and superior performance. Solaron is closely aligned with our positioning in the market delivering strong focus on quality and exceptional service for your home or business. Solaron have strong technical knowledge and we consistently receive customer feedback that they provide excellent service. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Solaron.”
Patrick Duignan
Managing Director
Hanwha Q CELLS Australia Pty Ltd
Hanwha Q CELLS Australia Pty Ltd
Unit 1402, 20 Berry Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060
TEL + 61 (2) 9016 3033
FAX + 61 (2) 9016 3032
MOBIL +61 (0) 406816420

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